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Destructive Testing


We offer Chemical analysis using Optical emission spark spectrometer (Germany make), Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS ECIL make) and wet analysis of ferrous and Non-ferrous metals


Mechanical testing is done to determine the physical properties of metals. (Tensile , Yield and Elongation test, compressive test & bend test) Equipments used for these tests are Universal testing machine of 40 Tons capacity (400KN),Charpy and Izod test is a standardized high strain rate test which determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture and this absorbed energy is a measure of given materials notch toughness and acts as a tool study temperature dependent ductile-brittle transition and this test is used to determine the ductility of a material(whether the fracture of material is brittle or ductile) and toughness of materials. (Charpy & Izod testing) is done at Room and Sub-zero temperature and in Hardness testing machine uses Rockwell & Digital hardness tester ( HRC, HRB).


With the qualified metallurgist, we evaluate the micro and macro examination of material using computerized metallurgical microscope. We offer the metallurgical services like micro & macro structure analysis with image capturing facility, grain size, inclusion rating, case depth measurement, decard oxidation measurement and phase studies. Weld penetration test is done for both micro and macro of Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals.

Our major approved by: lBR, BHEL, NFC, DRDL, RCl, KPCL, HWPM, LRS, TPL, NTPC, TCE, TUV, IQE, Chempro, QUEST, RPTL etc.     Our major customers are: NFC, BHEL, KPCL, DRDL, DMRL, DRDO, NTPC, HWPM, L&T, Fenner India Ltd, Reitz India Ltd, Turbovent Industries Pvt Ltd, Thyssenkrupp Industries India Ltd & etc.